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Automation is a crucial component of successfully running any online business and Yahoo! Store is no exception. Automation allows you to handle important, but repetitive, tasks with speed, efficiency, and accuracy online shoppers have come to expect while freeing up your time to focus on unique aspects of your business where your time and insight are indispensable. We are Yahoo! Store owners ourselves and are absolutely committed to maximizing efficiency of our stores. In our quest for complete automation we developed solutions that we felt would benefit other store owners. is our way of bringing these solutions to you.

NEW: Fully Guaranteed Protection from Fraud and Chargebacks Worldwide! We have just become aware of a very promising service poised to end one of the most frustrating problems in online business. We are working on adding this service to our online store and prepared a detailed page describing the service and its benefits. We are excited about the prospect of accepting orders worldwide without limiting, unreliable verification procedures or risk! Updated 3/28/08 with our experience!

YStore Interface - Automate Interaction with Store Manager

5/9/11 - New YSI Version 1.6 Now Available!

Are you frustrated because you cannot access important Yahoo! Store information or functionality without manually going to the Store Manager? Have you been trying to automate your operations but have been forced to accept that some things just must be done manually? YStore Interface may be your answer.

YStore Interface consists of simple, inexpensive modules that give you or your software access to information and functionality previously available only through the Store Manager. YStore Interface is designed to interface with virtually every desktop scripting and programming language giving your automation software functionality it needs to automate your business.


  • Accepts command line input and stores results in a CSV file for easy interface with virtually every desktop programming/scripting language.
  • Information is accessed securely with no additional security software to purchase or install - sensitive information is never transmitted through insecure email or websites. The level of security is equal to the one achieved when information is accessed manually through the Store Manager.
  • Modular design - purchase only the interface modules you need as you need them without more software to configure or new user interfaces to learn.
  • Provides a simple user interface allowing full access to interface functionality without giving access to the Store Manager. For example, you can let your staff authorize or charge orders without giving them access to actual card information or the Orders section of your store!
  • Allows you to securely select whether the user will be able to see sensitive financial information such as customers' full credit card numbers.
  • Actions can be specified one at a time, with a list, or through a CSV file for efficient integration with manual, real-time, batched, and download based processing methods.
  • Displays results and total progress in real-time when used in interactive mode - you can begin working before the entire batch is processed!
  • Allows to easily create preconfigured program runs. For example, if you always download your orders to the same file you can process them in just one click!
  • Simple and focused. No options to sift through, no complicated documentation to read - you'll be using the software in minutes!

Yahoo! Store Automation Programming - Custom Solutions for Automating Interaction with Yahoo! Store

YStore Interface - Other Interfaces

We are releasing Authorization, Credit Card, Manual Transaction, Mark Order, and Click Trail Interfaces to determine the level of interest in this type of software. If there is sufficient interest in these interfaces we will release modules that access additional information and functionality. Through our software we hope to finally offer store owners and developers access to all the powerful functionality Yahoo! offers outside of the interactive Store Manager environment allowing fully automated store management solutions to be created.

If there is an interface that would help you run your store better and you would like to suggest it please email Along with a short interface description please include the urgency of your need for the module.

YStore Interface - Integration

YStore Interface can be completely controlled by command line for full integration with any of your software. It was designed from the start to be used as a component in other software. If you would prefer a DLL or have special licensing or integration requirements please let us know. Please note other integration methods add substantially to the cost so we encourage you to first try the built-in command line interface. The only functionality not available to command line is access to extended connection parameters and detailed error information. Both of these features allow custom handling of rare issues, but managing these parameters properly is complex and default settings are likely to be optimal for all but highest volume users.

Programming Related to Yahoo Store Automation

If you need help automating your Yahoo! Store and would like to leverage our expertise please contact us with your project details. Our consulting rate is $125/hr.

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