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Dealing with credit card chargebacks and fraud is one of the top concerns of most small merchants. Handling fraud and chargebacks is difficult, expensive, and extremely frustrating due to a significant bias against merchants involved in processing online transactions. We've all watched helplessly as our hard earned money along with excessive chargeback fees are taken out of our accounts, often never to return. Even with a significant investment in fraud detection, order restrictions, and customer service there was no reliable way to eliminate the risk.

The problem affects us all, but is far worse for merchants selling electronics, services, software, and other high risk products where fraud is common as well as merchants trying to sell internationally where fraud detection tools are even more cumbersome and even less effective. Many merchants refuse to do international business primarily due to fraud concerns. Many merchants place significant restrictions on orders causing missed sales, annoyed customers, and higher customer service and order processing cost.

There is finally a solution.

Fully Guaranteed Global Credit Card Fraud and Chargeback Protection Service

You've read this right. This service will protect you from any chargeback worldwide. What's more is that there are virtually no restrictions. You do not need to ship to the billing address. You do not need to use AVS. You do not need to accept only certain cards. You do not need to change your current shopping cart or merchant account. You do not need to use a particular shipping method. You do not need to process all of your transactions through the service. You do not need to be in a certain type of business. You can simply remove concerns about fraud and chargebacks from your mind allowing you to reduce customer inconvenience, accept more orders, and focus on running your business!

This service offers an affordable, secure, easy to use solution to free the merchant from cost, effort, and frustration of dealing with fraud and chargebacks. You simply submit a few pieces of information (customer name, ip address, zip code, country, phone number, email address, transaction amount, card number, and card expiration date) and within 3 seconds the service will return a fraud score and acceptance status. As long as the transaction is accepted it is protected. The acceptance rate is high; the service does not simply protect transactions you'd consider very safe. There are a number of ways of submitting the information that can be easily integrated into your current business process. The service has been certified by credit card issuers and major organizations so that you can be sure that information you submit will not be abused.

Full, Guaranteed Protection from Chargeback Costs

As long as the transaction is approved it is protected (and yes, vast majority of transactions are approved). This includes:

  • Chargebacks due to fraud
  • Chargebacks due to customers not recognizing merchant name on their credit card statement
  • Chargebacks due to customers claiming the item was not delivered, was damaged, was not as described, etc.
  • Chargebacks due to customers rejecting a shipment and demanding refund
  • Chargebacks for transactions not shipped to the billing address
  • Chargebacks for transactions without an AVS match
  • Chargebacks for transactions delivered without signature or shipped without tracking
  • Chargebacks for transactions paid with gift cards, corporate cards, stored value cards, etc.
  • Chargebacks for transactions shipped to high risk countries
  • Chargebacks for transactions with shipping and billing addresses in different countries
  • Chargebacks for software downloads, e-books, online services, etc.
  • Chargebacks for virtually any reason you can think of!

One of the few limitations is that the amount of the transaction must be below $15,000 ($5,000 limit applies to some transactions.)

Yes, the chargeback fee is included in reimbursement completely removing your risk from the transaction! By using the service you can eliminate the cost of fraud and chargebacks from your cost of doing business.

Ability to Accept Domestic and International Credit Cards without Risk or Restrictions

In an attempt to combat fraud many merchants restrict orders they accept and require verification procedures that turn off and annoy customers. Using this service you can simplify your order policies, eliminate restrictions, and save time spent on customer verification and service. Most importantly, by removing restrictions you can process substantially more orders leading to higher revenues and profits for your business.

Accept orders you never dared to before including:

  • Orders from around the world including the highest risk countries
  • Orders with shipping and billing addresses in different countries
  • Orders not shipping to the billing address
  • Orders for large amount of high risk product shipping to high fraud areas
  • Orders paid by international credit cards
  • Orders paid by corporate cards, gift cards, and stored value cards
  • Orders shipping by a non-trackable method
  • Orders with AVS mismatches and other warning signs
  • Orders with high potential of non-fraud related chargebacks (non-delivery, refusal due to import taxes, etc.)
  • Orders with virtually any characteristics you can think of!

You can finally safely accept all types of orders greatly increasing the revenue potential of your business while cutting administrative costs and customer confusion and frustration.

Integration, Security, Reliability, and Privacy

The service does not require significant modifications to the way you currently process transactions. You do not need to change your merchant account or shopping cart. Approval for transactions may be requested electronically in various formats allowing for ease of integration. Approval can also be requested manually through a free software program. The company utilizes highly redundant infrastructure and offers approvals within 3 seconds of request allowing transparent order processing.

Information is submitted to the company utilizing strong encryption providing a very high degree of security.

The company has been certified by numerous major organizations including Visa and MasterCard and is in partnership with a number of large companies assuring that your sensitive information will not be abused.

Cost and Value

The service charges a flat fee per transaction along with a percentage for larger transactions. The fees are very reasonable. You are not charged anything for transactions that are not approved.

You are able to select which transactions you submit through the service. This makes adding this service to your business very easy to justify. If your current fraud and customer service procedures offer adequate protection for orders you currently process you can simply begin processing more orders and use the service only for those transactions greatly increasing your profit potential. You can begin accepting orders worldwide, remove verification requirements that cause high cancellation or cart abandonment rates and use the service only on these new transactions. Due to per transaction pricing the service only adds to the cost of processing orders you rejected before. As a result, adding the service simply adds revenue and profit to you business with no potential for loss.

Many businesses are not fortunate enough to have fraud and chargebacks be such a minimal cost and will likely want to use the service for a higher proportion of their transactions. They can further increase sales and reduce customer service costs by removing most order requirements they currently have. The service completely frees you from all fraud related order verification tasks.

To Sign Up or Get More Information

We have been waiting for a service like this for a long time and are in the process of adding it to our own Yahoo store. We have spent some time talking to company representatives and have found them knowledgeable, excited, and eager to help. They were quick to respond to our requests and provided valuable answers each time we talked. All this only solidified our desire to deal with this company and prompted us to take steps to make the larger merchant community more aware of this incredible solution.

3/28/08 Update: We have been using the service for our Yahoo! Store and eBay orders since September 2006 and wanted to update you on our experience. Thanks to this service we've been able to make international transactions a sizeable and profitable part of our business. We've been able to ship orders we'd never ship before even with most thorough manual review processes: we even shipped a few orders to countries like Nigeria! Some turned out to be legitimate and some fraudulent, but the service refunded us the full value of fraudulent transaction including chargeback fees. The service is highly integrated into our custom order processing software so that most order approval decisions can be automated. We can honestly say that this service has openned a whole new world of business for us!

For additional information please visit Certified Payments Program.

As we begin using this service ourselves we will keep you updated on the positives and negatives we encounter. We hope that this solution proves to be everything it promises and makes the fear of fraud and helplessness against chargebacks a thing of the past!

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